Simple Pomegranate Fizz

Simple Pomegranate Fizz

Sometimes it’s been a long day. Sometimes you just need a lil fizz and a little something maroon red to sip on, like wine but not wine, more like a wine cooler, but not a wine cooler.

Canna cooler? Canna is cooler… We digress!

Pomegranate Fizz with Delta-8


  1. ¬Ĺ cup - 1 cup Pomegranate juice
  2. 1 can sparkling water
  3. ‚Öď - 1 SPIKE packet per-serving (depending on your dosing preference!)


Just combine these two in a glass, add your preferred dose of the 20 mg packet of SPIKE Delta-8 and garnish with a lime.

Go watch Netflix. Read a book. Sit by the pool. Your work is done here.

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