Jello shots are the party favors that need no introduction.

Partay Jello shots with SPIKE Delta-8


  1. 1 box of Jello (any flavor!)
  2. 8 SPIKE packets (depending on desired dosage)
  3. Those teeny little plastic cups with lids that are perfect for Jello shots (We got ours at Walmart! But, like, subscribe to your local CSA for your other groceries …)


Make the Jello as the box indicates, but instead of pouring the liquid jello into a pan and putting it into the fridge, fill the small Jello shot cups about ¬ĺ full and then add the SPIKE. To do this, give the packet a shake to make sure it‚Äôs well mixed, open (we use scissors but you can tear, too), and then pour the entire contents into a large measuring spoon (like 1tbs) or one of the empty plastic shot cups that does not yet have Jello in it. We do this to help us dose.

Now portion the SPIKE into the Jello-filled cups accordingly. We like to dose ‚Öď of a packet per-jello-shot so that people can easily choose to have a light experience or eat more SPIKE jello shots and feel more. You do you. Once the SPIKE is in the Jello, put all the cups in the fridge. Let the SPIKEd Jello solidify for 1-1.5 hours and then FIND OUT WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO BE THE MOST POPULAR PERSON AT THE POTLUCK BBQ.

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