Flower Power SPIKEd Cucumber Gimlet

Flower Power SPIKEd Cucumber Gimlet

Spring is sprung, people. It’s time to put that winter coat in the closet and run through the garden barefoot, picking edible flowers for this delicious cocktail, which can be made as a mocktail as well by omitting the SPIKE.

As you may already know, drinks with a little bit of *kick* to them go best with SPIKE, because the hemp itself gives a little bit of a bitter taste. 

We also love a good Gimlet because it’s simple and refreshing. And nothing is spring-ier than edible flowers! 


  1. Edible Flower Petals- Rose, Calendula, Pansies, Violas, Marigold, even Arugula flowers are some of our favorites!
  2. 1.5 oz club soda
  3. 4-5 slices of muddled cucumber
  4. 1 oz fresh lime juice
  5. 1 oz simple syrup
  6. ¬Ĺ to 1 packet SPIKE Delta-8

Simply put ingredients #2-6 in a cocktail shaker with ice and rumble them up to get everything nice and mixed and cold. Then finish with the flower petals. Sip and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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